Blank href of webview content


Hi everyone, I’ve just signed up!
I’ve a little problem here. I have created an app with electron in plain js.
I have a page with some links listed from a database. That links are opened in the same window with a jquery.html() function. The content is a that show a forum. Into the forum there are some links and that links are all opened by default with a blank target.
So. :slight_smile: Recap.

Page with links->replaced with a webview with the url of clicked button->the links into that url are all href with blank target->new window.

Now. That new window doesn’t allow plugins and other stuff (for example there is a Trello link in that forum and I can’t login because jQuery and other libraries are not loaded).

How can I work around that? Because with the embed/iframe tags the links are not even opened.
Thanks :slight_smile:


I should even add a function that will change the behavior, like the user click on a link and the page is opened to his default browser… is that possible?