Bitbucket merge conflicts view/tool?



At one point and time, I remember seeing an awesome merge conflicts tool when using atom to resolve conflicts during a git rebase.

I just did a fresh install, and opened up a file with conflicts … Unfortunately, I’m just getting the plaintext merge conflict blocks.

From what I remember reading, this tool was added to Atom and is on by default? Does it not work for Bitbucket repos?



Do you have a GitHub repo that you can check to see if the tool shows up for you in that circumstance?


Good idea! I just tested with a GitHub repo and it works perfectly.

I have not been able to get Bitbucket repo to work… Oh, just had a thought, maybe my global .gitconfig has a setting for a diff tool that is getting in the way? Checking now …

Just removed this:

[difftool "sourcetree"]
  cmd = opendiff \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\"
  path =
[mergetool "sourcetree"]
  cmd = /Applications/ \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\" -ancestor \"$BASE\" -merge \"$MERGED\"
  trustExitCode = true

And then tested merge conflict via private Bitbucket repo and still plain text merge blocks. :frowning:

Thanks for your help!!!


Testing with the GitHub repo is just to make sure you remembered how to activate the feature you were thinking of (and that Atom was capable of it). Since it works for GitHub and doesn’t work for Bitbucket, the most likely answer is that this particular feature uses the GitHub API, or perhaps it was just developed by GitHub people who didn’t think about Bitbucket at the time. Since Atom is a project of developers at GitHub, there are some features that work only with GitHub. I don’t know the details about that side of Atom, since I don’t administer any repos where other people submit code.


Excellent points/advice. Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it.