Bit Bucket repository configuration with Atom



I passed through the first problem installing Atom and setting up the Mavensmate. Now it is time to configure bitbucket with Atom.

Can we configure BitBucket with Atom?

I did install the package “Open-on-BitBucket”. However I don’t know how to configure my repository.

Can anyone help out here?


How do I use this open on Bitbucket package

What is it you’re trying to do, exactly? “configure BitBucket with Atom” is a little vague :wink:



I am trying to compare my local file with my bitbucket file, if there are any changes I want to commit those changes to BitBucket from ATOM.



Are you using Git for your BitBucket repositories? If so, all the normal Atom functionality should just work (other than the open-on-github stuff, but you have that figured out). Atom currently doesn’t have the ability to commit or push commits for you, you’ll need to use Git or one of the many Git GUI tools for that.


Yes, I am already using Git Desktop for commits. I am trying to use the functionalities highlighted in the screenshot. Until and unless I configure with my bitbucket, how Atom will know which repositiry to open and do the compare? I am trying to click on them, but nothing is happening.


If you have a question about the open-on-bitbucket package, you should probably contact the developers of the package. There’s a FAQ for how to contact the maintainers of any Atom package: