Better workflow for find and jump to text/word in active buffer?


Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there’s the implementation or a package of something similar to fuzzy-finder, which would find a text/word in the active buffer and then display a list of each found instance, from where I may choose which one I want to jump to.

Basically what find-and-replace and its Find in current buffer (ctrl+f) already does but streamlined into a small modal like the one fuzzy-finder has. Unfortunately with find-and-replace implementation I have to jump from one found instance of text/word to the next until I may be on the one I need, which just isn’t working out for me anymore…
Find in project (ctrl+shift+f) does it in a way but it searches through the entire project structure or a chosen pattern, not just the active buffer (unless there is a way to tell it to do just that?).

So, anybody got an idea on how to do this better?
A way to improve my workflow on finding and jumping to a specific text/word/definition in an active (and large) buffer? I’m sure there is. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Not exactly like fuzzy finder’s select list but seems like something to try?


Thank you.
It looks a bit out of date but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed. :slight_smile: