Better to instal Atom on Linux via downloading .deb, or via PPA?


Hi there,

In terms of making sure my installation of Atom receives ongoing updates via my package manager (Linux Mint 17), am I better off installing the .deb file straight from the Atom website, or via PPA as mentioned here:

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As I stated here:

There currently is no official Atom PPA. You can subscribe to this Issue for updates though:


Thanks for the rapid reply, leedohm!

I had seen the post you referred to, but had assumed it referred only to those building from source (and my eyes had glazed over as some of the content of that post was way above my relatively noob head).

I take your reply to mean that the .deb is the better way to go, even though WebUpd8 seem to offer an unofficial PPA.

Thanks also for the link to the issue about adding the repository - I’ll take your advice & subscribe!


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I*'ve found it to be easier to source instal. And I’m not a compile all guy. It’s very simple and quick.


It’s hard to say. The advantage of the official page is that you know when you visit that page, you will see the most recent release. The disadvantage of the official page is that you have to manually go there and download the most recent file.

The advantage of the PPA is that you automatically get the newest version when it is put into the PPA. The disadvantage of the PPA is that you are depending on the PPA maintainer whether the new version shows up there.


I install it in my linux pc from a ppa (from webupd8) and every week the package is udated, for me it’s the best option