Better Spell-Check Please!


I use Atom to write for the web, and I’d love to see a better implementation of the spell checker.

Specifically, I’d like a way to see how many misspelled words are in the document at the bottom of the page, a la Sublime. I’d also like to be able to right-click on a misspelled word to correct without selecting it, and I’d like the correction options to appear automatically at the top of the menu–along with the option to add the word to the dictionary or ignore it.

The picture shows how Sublime notifies you of misspelled words on top, with Atom on the bottom.


  1. Indicator of how many misspellings → There doesn’t seem to be an Issue open for this. You may want to open one on
  2. Right-click without selecting →
  3. Add words to dictionary →
  4. Display suggestions in context menu →

For #2-4, you may want to subscribe to the Issues I linked.