Better selected text highlight?



I’m starting to adopt Atom as one of my main code editors, and I really like it :smile:

However the selected text doesn’t look as fancy as in other editors:
when I select text, I would like it to be highlighted from column 0 to the end of the line, not the end of the row.
Also, it would be nice if we could see whitespace characters such as space and tabs like in Sublime.
Or… is there a package for this I missed?

Thank you for Atom :smile:

(sorry if I send this twice, is extremely laggy here)

Highlight only actual characters

There’s recently been a topic about the selection highlight: Not selecting until the end of the line. To summarize, there’s no such option currently, but maybe a package can be made to do it.

For the invisible characters, there’s the “show invisibles” setting in the editor section of the settings view. Enable it to show characters for white space, tab, newline etc.


If a package can do this, I would install it right away :smile:
I tested “show invisibles”, and noticed a smal detail:
if I write “function test()”, the space between “function” and “test” doesn’t shows anything. Not really an issue right now, but I wonder if it’s intented?


Well, maybe it’s time to get your hands dirty :wink:

I don’t know if that’s intentional or not. I don’t use the feature myself


There is an open Issue for more detailed invisibles support: