Better project and OOP hinting


My current favourite is PHPStorm for it’s solid hinting/auto-completion — something I’m missing in Atom or any of the packages that supposedly improves hinting.

Is there a package available that will index the project and suggests better, more accurate hints? It does seem to list all methods in a class for example and suggest that first, but it also suggest a lot of other functions that are completely irrelevant.

PHPStorm: click here
Atom: click here

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Of course, Atom is intended to be a minimal editor and all, and indexing and accurate hinting can impact performance a little, but it really helps when you’re using libraries you may not be familiar with.


That’s the autocomplete package, reporting the issue there helps more than just discussing it here.

Here is the link of the autocomplete repo


To achieve something like PHPStorm would be less than trivial - you would need to actually parse and analyze PHP code, which is way beyond the scope of the autocomplete package, as far as I can tell (?)

Perhaps the simplest/safest way to create something like this, would be to literally let PHP do the heavy lifting - writing a source code analyzer in PHP itself would be fairly easy, as it has the tokenizer built in.

I have a fair bit of experience working with the PHP tokenizer, parsing/generating/transforming PHP code, etc. - I could play the part of writing a PHP-based language analysis service that would deliver e.g. a JSON description of the source code for a PHP-specific auto-completer to consume. If somebody else is interested in writing the actual ATOM plugin, we might could work something out.