Better icon for Atom


Atom’s current icon isn’t very pretty. I think that atom could benefit from having a better one. Here’s an example of an open source replacement icon for atom that looks much better.

Atom Classy icons, is what Atom deserves for an Icon
Changing Atom Icon

I like this one => atom-replacement-icon :slight_smile:


I like that one a lot too!


In the same kind =>


In the same thread the OP linked to, I found this icon that I really like.


It would be great if there will be a way to set the icon by installing a package.


Just changed icons. Looks way nicer in the dock!


I agree! I love everything about atom expect for the ugly Icon…hopefully we get something better for the final release.


Any of these would be worlds better than the current disaster. +1.



Thanks for listening to the community and generally being awesome devs!


Can we vote on this? I like the icon pre 0.93 better than the current one. Or at least, switch to the one previously shown.


If you like it you can change it yourself


I’m really sad they replaced the original icon with this. The green glossy sphere looks dated and generic (a throwback to the days of Aqua). In fact it’s extremely similar to the old Flip for Mac icon, which is at least 5 years old and which I always disliked.

The previous one had personality and felt like it fitted better with the product. The new one will look even more dated when OS X gets a visual makeover akin to iOS 7 and will probably need replacing again.

And yes, it is possible to change it yourself, but that means doing it each time the app is updated.


A SVG icon would be preferable for Linux.


I have been using the one found here, looks great on Arch.

comes in 3 colors.


I like this one.


I took my time to create a new icon, it follows the color scheme of the website aswell. Do with it as you please!
(If anyone got a Dribbble invite, please hook me up!



I like Numix’s implementation for their icon pack:

you can get it here:

@lessthanthree is very nice too. a good mix of their branding and the existing icon(which does match their current brand style). Why no svg?


Hi all-

I made one today:

Download .icns here (Mac only, can make Win version if you want):