Best way to manage Atom config files


What is the best way to manage atom across multiple computers, preferably using version control?

Is it sufficient to version control ~/.atom folder or is there additional components that need to be tracked on package installations. Also, are all configuration files contained with the .atom folder?


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I version control specific files in my ~/.atom folder, because version controlling packages and caches is a waste of time :grinning: Yes, all of Atom’s configuration is in the ~/.atom folder.


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I am working on version controlling certain files in the .atom folder and excluding the cache, storage and packages folder. I am using the “apm stars --install” method that you had pointed out in the original thread for maintaining packages.


I use Thoughtbot’s rcm tool to help manage my dotfiles. It’s a little complex to get going … but it’s magic once you get there and then configuring new machines is a breeze.


Thanks for the pointer. Will look into it.

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