Best way to debug a package


hi all!
I have a problem: i’m deploying a syntax grammar and actually I go to modify the copy inside .atom folder, after I copy to the github folder and upload a new release.

but when I update atom, it gives error.

is there a way to use a package in different folder of .atom?



So to be clear, does the error occur when you try to publish the new version of your package?

Can you show us the error in a screenshot maybe?


I’m not sure to understand what you mean.

  • Are you creating a new package?
  • Are you trying to modify an existing package in your ~/.atom directory?
  • What do you mean by updating Atom? Do you talk about updating the Atom packages using apm update or the command?


the error occour when from atom I update my package, seems like he doesn’t like that some files are different.
example: i’ve installed the 0.2.0 version, after I’ve modified the version 0.2.0 to debug the package, when is ok, i’ve copied the package to github folder, pushed all the changes and update the version of my package, everything ok.

after I enter in atom, I check the packages and atom tell me that my package has a new version.
I click update and it gives me an error (when I update the package, I save the error).
I’ve uninstalled my package and reinstalled and everything is fine


Can you post the error you are getting?


You should just symlink you github directory in you ~/.atom directory to avoid this cumbersome process.