Best way to create this app



I am trying to create the following app and need the best way to create it.

  1. Google like search bar
  2. Integrate Apache Lucene or any other indexing third party library to index folders/files
  3. Option to add local folders/files to index
  4. When user types in the search bar - number of hits should be displayed with highlighted text
  5. Easy and quick navigation with the results
  6. Function Keys supports for quick navigation with results

This would be a desktop cross-platform application.



This is already implemented using electron.
Have a look


Can we index local folder or files? How to do it?


Look up Node’s fs module. Zazu is a great example of this in practice.


Could you please explain in detail as i couldn’t understand it?


Check out this tutorial.


I checkout this…I just talks about file and directories. Not clear on it…Is there is any demo with code snippet is available?


That tutorial does include examples, and the first one is exactly what you want to do. You just have to make it recursive and store the data instead of sending it to console.log. Past that, you can look at Zazu’s code.


Thanks, Scholar. Is it possible for you to help me with a demo or a bundle one, to proceed…I just need a working example to proceed…


I’ve plugged the Mixu example into Node and it works. What are you looking for?