Best way to configure ATOM for log file review


I work for a proprietary software company where the core of my daily activities are reading log files for errors. TextPad is standard for most of us, some use Sublime Text which I did previously. I am trying to wrap my head around configuring this highly expandable application to fit my workflow.

In most cases, I may have 3-10 logs per component, which could be upwards of 6 individual components that need to be analyzed for errors within the logs. ie; I am given a ServiceID of say “3417”, I need to locate that to follow the flow of the process within the entire package of logs, but then I may need to find an additional number sequence within the records identified by the “3417” ServiceID to further drill down exactly what is happening between the two.

Having difficulty figuring out how to accomplish this. Wasn’t sure if a package might exist for log file work specifically.


I had a package good for reading, and only reading, logs called view-tail-large-files. I deprecated it when Atom started supporting large files, even though Atom couldn’t support the gigabyte files the package did.

I have hopes to turn it into a log reader exactly as you are asking for but I’ve been busy on non-atom stuff. Someone else could pick up the ball. It uses a plug-in structure to add features like searching and special formatting.


Thank you for the reply Mark. Sounds very promising, I hope it sees the light of day somehow.