Best way to +1 suggestions here?


I really like the forum design.

I have noticed a lot of “+1” replies on a few topics, however, which generates a lot of noise. The “summarize” feature helps but I was wondering what the official plan was for this? It seems like the Likes would be the best way for users to indicate “+1” and maybe that could be added to the UI somehow to encourage it. Perhaps a “+1” icon would be more self-documenting?

Keep up the great work.


I think a lot of people already use the like feature this way (which you can see if you try to sort discussions by likes count). IMO we don’t need a “+1” for the UI. I believe it would be more confusing than helpful.


I agree - the Like should be good enough. I was really more interested in having some text added to encourage people to use the Like button instead of posting a “+1” reply. (See the Windows and Linux timeline posts for examples.) Something similar to the reminders to be civil.

Ideally the backend could look for “+1” posts?


The Like feature was specifically put in to replace +1 posts. It’s in the FAQ at the bottom of the “Keep It Tidy” section.