Best sites to learn coding?


I’m just trying to gather sites around the internet that does a really fine way of learning to code. No matter what the language is. I know they have Codecademy and such and it teaches pretty well.

But I want to know what you use, so maybe I or others can start learning from there too.

And go into detail if you can on why you prefer that site over others because I know we’ve tried many out there and prefer one over the other.


I have many decades of propeller-head level coding experience. I was earning a living in computers well before the words ‘object oriented’ became a thing, let alone the way things are done.

My recent experience says your question has a great home at sites like Girls Who Code and Medium (where I found GWC and others). Medium is best used occasionally to find the good sites - they are too broad and trendy to be specifically valuable.

This starting point works because the writers are often writing while learning rather than from a position of power or superior knowledge (power) or as defenders of some bit they made themselves (power). Often, the presenters are presenting their own learning projects and they have not gotten set in their ways.

The intros you get there will get you to the sites that work for you - depending on your learning style. For example, I wo not do well with videos - I want code examples to read and monkey with, quietly :). I also will not learn anything without a specific real project - I am not interested in programming yet another junior blog. For this reason, I find architecture tutorials (HMVC, Node Stack Setup) as useful as language tutorials.