Best pratices to dev a new app


I am beginning to develop an open-source desktop app.

I’m wondering which stack to use for development.

What is best for the electron and that will attract more contributors?

Coffeescript? Typescript? Native JS?

Angularjs? React? Backbone?

And for unit testing ? Karma with Jasmine? NodeUnit?


There are a lot of collections about projects & libraries that you can use - e.g.: Best is to start with some kind of boilerplate code (also referenced in the list).

After some tests I’ve decided to go with Electron, Native JS, Angular JS and Angular Material Design (you can find a boilerplate of that here:

I skipped CoffeeScript in favor of ES5 (or ES6 later) or Typescript (which incl. a lot of the ES6/7 features already).


I chose Clojurescript + Om (React) and it’s worked well for me.


Thx a lot !!!


What’s your build setup for ClojureScript + electron?


I’m using the usual build tool, leiningen. The details are exactly the same as if I was developing any other Clojure/Script app.


I was thinking about using Ember.js and jQuery for mine.
Bootstrap as CSS framework.

Not sure if that’s the best combination (I’m a bit newbie here) but it looks good and interesting to me.

(I also created a whole app using only native js and jQuery, but the code is really messy, I ended up creating a sort of MVC model by myself…).