Best package for "goto declaration under cursor"


Hello, I have tried the built in “go to declaration” feature, with es6 project
at first it didn’t work.
After searching around I learned that it used the “symbols-view” package under the hood, which uses ctags.

On my instance “symbols-view” did not run ctags, not sure if it’s a bug or if you have to run it yourself.
I invoked crags with different settings, and I can get see that “symbols-view” is somewhat working, but very
poorly, I’m not sure if it’s because I need to invoke ctags with better arguments, or if that is just limitations
of ctags, symbols-view, etc…

I only need a very basic feature: GOTO the declaration of the symbol under the cursor…
I know this is es6, not a typed language so it will fail sometimes, but currently it just never works.


Did you follow the instructions in the Atom Flight Manual for installing ctags? (Which admittedly just points you to the ctags documentation … but you still need to install a copy of ctags for the project-wide search to work.)


I did install ctags, I then ran it with different arg incantations, the “goto symol definition” then worked for a few trivial cases,
but not for other equaly trivial cases, I gave up on atom after a while for lack of time, had to switch to my “not as cool but does the job” editor. I’ll give it another try later, I’m hoping the user experience will have improved by then !