Best option for UI/DOM manipulation



I have been a little bit disconnected from the development of Atom packages, and I was wondering what would be the ‘smartest’ option for DOM manipulation/UI design today.

The template that we have when creating a new package goes with plain Javascript. I know that SpacePen looks better (was designed) with CoffeeScript, but it does not look so good with other options (moreover, not really sure about the state of the library today).

Manipulating the DOM is a well documented way of doing it, but the code needed to express something simple can be significantly big. Any smart way of doing this?. HTML Templates?.

If you can point me to some example/docs, I’d be extremely grateful.

Appreciate your time!

Any good ui framework for Atom package development?

There are some discussions about various options in this GitHub Issue:

We currently haven’t selected which one we want to settle on, but some experiments are happening internally.


@leedohm, thank you very much as always, sir :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look , it seems that I have a long discussion to read.