Best backend framework for Electron?


I trying to build a desktop application with Electron framework and I don’t know what which backend is good for this. Can you guys recommend me? Thank you.


What do you mean by “backend”? Do you mean some sort of cloud based backend for databases and the like? If so I’ve recently been reading a lot of good things about Google Firebase.

If you’re using Angular 2+ for the UI there is a site called that I highly recommend. He’s got a lot of good tutorials for integrating Angular code with Firebase. (I’m not affiliated in any way)


I have been using sql directly. Yes I write the sql statements and execute them (using Postgresql). So if you are asking about what database to use - looks like there is most everything for node. But if you are talking about what ORM - I checked objection.js, sequelize.js and both looked good to me.


I have used Firebase as a backend and used Angular 2+ for UI. There is actually a full course to build a desktop app available here - using Angular, Electron and Firebase.