Behind the scenes of Avocode [external]


This is an article of how Avocode was created using Atom, you can see the rest of the article here

But Github suddenly announced open-sourcing of editor. And at this point we have decided to go with Atom. It solves a lot of problems for us (e.g: extensibility), it has a big active community and it’s a cross-platform.


I’m quite curious to see how they’ll integrate the editor in that, but it seems like a promising product.

Coincidentally I was thinking to open a discussion about how one could bundle atom with a bunch of pre-installed extensions to fill the growing demand for language/context specific configuration.
I personally like the agnostic nature of editors like Atom (I used krita, gedit, sublime & co prior to atom) but I also understand the need for some devs to have a more tailored editor when it comes to statically typed languages or environment requiring heavy builds and workflows.
I guess this can be a good inspiration for those willing to offer this kind of bundle in the future.