Beginning atom


Hi. I am newbie in atom editor. I have been long time only windows user and I wrote code in visual studio. I decided to go to atom on linux but I must admit that it is confusing. After following youtube tutorials, installing atom runner, I still cant debug or run my code. I can write code, but cannot run it. Can you give me step by step guide to run code.
Also in linux I cannot find default directory where projects should be saved. Even on windows default directory is in temp.appdata.


Only if you tell us what code you’re trying to run, what steps you’re currently taking, and what the results are. Without that information, all I can do is regurgitate atom-runner's documentation.

There’s a setting entitled Project Home under Settings -> Core.


Hi I am also a beginner to open source world, I am comfortable with Java, I have the basic knowledge in Python and JavaScript I’d like to contribute to Atom, I am looking for a experienced developer as a mentor to help me familiarize with this project and also the open source world. I successfully built the project on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS,


Dear Rados, the step by step guide is available in atom github repo read the contribution guide, I will give you a qucik summary you can fork the repo and clone it and go inside the folder and issue script/build hope you are not behind a proxy if so it will become a bit difficult (I did it so don’t worry I can help you with that too) :slight_smile: