Beginner questions


Hi community,
I just installed atom and I am quite impressed. There are a few things I miss, and therefore I would like to ask the community if these things are available. If yes, I suppose, I will find out how and where. So do not spend any time in searching for me. :wink: But if most answers are no, atom is eventually not the right editor for me. So this quick checkup might speed up my choice. :wink:

  1. Autocomplete:
    I did a small test, autocomplete works fine. BUT: I tried (CSS) .myclass {transition: color 0.5 ease-in-out;} and the last part “ease-in-out” was not suggested. How it can happen, that such a basic suggestion is missing? How can I fix it? Are there modern bibliotheks I can use or implement?

  2. Errors:
    Again in CSS: I wrote purposely the wrong code, something like {transition: colorx 0.5 ease-in-out;} and no alert was given. Is it possible to check the code and display an alert if there is a mistake? I suppose yes.

And additionally: Is it possible to show mistakes in the syntax, like forgotten semicolons… ?

  1. Vendor-prefixes:
    Is it possible to add automatically vendor-prefixes in CSS? So I do not have to think about whether a prefix is needed or not?

  2. Formatting the code:
    Is it possible to format the code in any way?

Thank you!

  1. Looks like none are declared. I don’t use any CSS packages, so I don’t know if any alternatives offer completion of that. I’d recommend trying ide-css though; it was able to suggest ease-in-out at least.

  2. Sounds like you want a linter. ide-css didn’t pick up colorx, but it does pick up if the property name is incorrect. Do you know of an existing linter that picks it up?

  3. I don’t quite know what you want, is it autocomplete, or a function you run that edits the exisitng text? It’s definitely possible, the question is if someone has done it before.

  4. I belive the atom-beautify package is what you want.


Hi, thank you for the fast answer. That sounds very good.

About the transition: color 0.5 ease-in-out: “color,” for example, was autocompleted." ease-in-out" was not autocompleted. So that means that the package I am using (I did not install anything additionally) seems to be not enough. But I will look for other packages.

About all others: First I will have a look which packages might be useful to install additionally. Before reading your answer, I did not even know that it is possible to install packages.

You helped a lot. :wink:


Atom has a design philosophy where the base program is as minimalist and as extensible as the developers could design. Much of the “core” functionality lives in packages like tabs, snippets, and find-and-replace that can be easily disabled or replaced if the user wants to, and some features that might be considered important in other editors (like being able to run code or access an FTP server) have been left to the community to build. This includes many features related to languages.

In the link @Aerijo posted, color doesn’t appear as a suggestion either. I suspect that transition doesn’t have any suggestions because there are too many possibilities for it to be useful. autocomplete-plus probably offered you the word “color” because you have it somewhere else in your document. In any case, ide-css is a much smarter system (it can understand the parts of the language, whereas autocomplete-plus just goes off what text is right in front of it) and it should accomplish what you need. For more on the Atom IDE project, check out this page.


Perhaps some hints:
On this web page…

In the software: what add-ons you already have…

To search for new add-ons, called from within the software…