Beginner question - Formatter-style



I’m using ATOM since a couple of days/weeks. Today I installed “formatter-astyle” to format my C++ code.

Unfortunately - I do not know how to format now.

I did following

  • install asytle on my MacBook
  • apm install formatter
  • apm install formatter-style
    (no error messages or something else)

I restarted ATOM, but how can I now format my code :open_mouth:
Under “Packages menu item” I saw no entry.

sorry, sorry for this …



According to the formatter documentation, you run it via the Command Palette

  1. Open Command Palette
  2. Type “Format”, select “Formatter: Format Code” (this also displays the default keyboard shortcut)


perfect - thanks a lot - it works


hey @LunaX I have some problem using Astyle

can u tell me how install it in path

and what is this path?


Let me google that for you :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ve posted a separate thread for these questions. Please keep questions to a single thread so that it’s easier for others to find information if they have the same problem.


in atom how to do this? I cant find any


@idleberg can you guide me the process please?


actually I thought it was just a comment, sorry for this


I know hot to set path for windows but I dont know how to do it for atom, actually I just want to use astyle cz I love the astyle format, like i used it on code blocks

now i write my code in atom and formatt it on code blocks

i tried beautify, but i dont like clang format :sleepy:


The PATH is exposed to each and every program installed, there’s no need to “do it for atom”