Beginner question Atom wont run image

I’m trying to run this code and get the test image to pop out but nothing is happening all the paths are in the right place and i fallowed the directions 100% on the video course this is the video

One possible problem:

Interesting, now It looks like a window is popping out but in a millisecond It closes by itself, any ideas?

see for your self

You are roaming from the border line to beyond what this forum focuses on.
Consider increasing your chances of finding solutions by opening your question with a Python related forum or one related to OpenCV.

what did you mean by newest changes not saved? How do I enable that?

what did you mean by newest changes not saved? How do I enable that?

Thanks snoop. That what I thought you said just wanted to make sure. I did that exact thing and then the window started to pop out after executing the code but, the result/window is not staying open it just disappears after 1 millisecond, because of your help. I received an error code AttributeError: ‘cv2.cv2’ has no attribute 'waitkey I had to Cap waitkeys to waitKeys. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

snoop do you know how I can set auto save my code so, I can run it on CMD. I don’t want to go to file and save all for it to run my code. I have auto save enabled but that’s not working.

I would not recommend using that. There are cases I read about that makes me doubt such functionalities. Do note… it is a baseless opinion.

The interpreter cannot do its job if changes in the file is not saved to the file. It is strange to me that this is an issue for you. I am old-school who believes in saving files regularly and making backup copies.

But an add-on package called process-pallet can offer help to you. This package allows you to define tasks to execute on a shortcut. I imagine it would be possible to define tasks like:

  • save the text file you were busy with
  • call up command prompt
  • ‘execute’ the file you were busy with

Find the package, load it on your Atom and play with it a bit. Return on a new topic if you have some questions… someone that works with this package may be of help.