Beginner help Run Project



So I am very new to all this coding. I am starting to work towards a computer science degree and am taking a entry level JAVA class. I am using a MacBook Air so found that this would be a good IDE to use. I have been playing around with Atom and tried making the “HelloWorld” that I have seen on youtube and that many classes do. My question is after I finish writing the code the teacher shows on JCreator how she runs the project and it shows an output window. How do I go about testing like this using Atom? I have tried the “View-Developer-Run Package Specs” but haven’t notice it working as it shows in the teacher’s example. Am I missing something? I also am curious how to save as a java file. Please help so that I can start off on the right foot with this programing stuff.


One thing to note, is that Atom is not an IDE… it’s just a text editor. If you want to run Java projects, then you should think about downloading an actual IDE.

I’d personally recommend Intellij IDEA, but there are others like Eclipse. These are actual integrated developers environments that allow running of the Java tests and Java classes.


JCreator is an IDE specifically for Java. Atom is an editor for text files. It is a very customizable and hackable editor … and people are making packages that extend it to have more IDE-like features (such as build and run commands like you’re asking for) … but it isn’t going to have all of the features that JCreator does. I would recommend using JCreator for now until you get some of the basics under your belt. Learning everything at once is more exciting, definitely, but if it keeps you from making progress then that’s bad :smile:

Saving a Java file is just like saving any other text file: File > Save Just save it with a .java extension.