Begginer Keybinding Problems


Alight guys. I’m very green in the realm of programming, editors, and the language that surrounds the topics. But somehow I have this problem when I hit the “enter” button something called the key binding resolver opens up from the bottom of the editor. Which means it is no longer easy to start a new line. I’m learning HTML and CSS and many other topics so I dont have time to spend on learning about the editor right now. If you could point me to the possible problem that would cause that with a suggestion I would be very appreciative. Thanks guys


keybinding-resolver doesn’t have any commands with enter as the default key. Either you have set the keybinding yourself, or you’ve installed a package that has set it.

Go to File -> Settings -> Keybindings and search for “keybinding resolver”, then tell us what you see. Make sure to include your operating system.