Beautify php/html on windows 10


I recently replace Notepad++ with Atom.

VScode also was great but I flet atom more powerfull for php and with a lot of package.

I use ampps with windows 10. with last atom.

I have some issue with atom.

first, I manually beautify my php/html codes in NP++.

It shows currectly in VScode and others editor except atom!

for example:

So I tried at least install a beautify to correct it:

In CMD I can run php and php-cs-fixer:

Setting in Atom for ‘atom beautify’ package:

And also I try for ‘php-cs-fixer’ package:

I click right on a php file in atom and click: ‘beutify editor content’ or ‘debug atom beautify’ for ‘atom beautify’ package but not happen anything! no error and no chnage or beautify code.

Also I try ctrl-cmd-s or Php Cs Fixer: Fix in the Command Palette for ‘php-cs-fixer’ package.

what is my wrong? It is a bug on windows or I do something wrong?


You may want to contact the maintainers of these packages, they’re probably going to be able to supply the answers faster.The Atom FAQ has information on how to contact the maintainers of any Atom community package or theme.