Basic Help


Hi! So this is probably a very basic question, but I’m having a little trouble saving my flies like I would like them to.

I’ve written a very basic programme to just print out a line of text, as I am just trying to get familiar with java programming. I am working off a mac, using atom as the place to write the code and then the default Terminal on my mac, to compile the code and also execute it.
When I was saving my code, I typed its name followed by .java this save it as Java source on my mac. When I try to compile it using javac, it tells me that no file is found.
Is that because I am saving my code as Java source, and if so how do I save it as java? Or is there and even simpler solution that I’m missing?

Thanks for any help…


Mind sharing screenshots of your Atom and Terminal windows as you save and try to run the file?


Hi! Thanks for your reply.

Here is the screenshot:


You need to navigate to the folder you want to work from. The terminal is currently in your home folder, but you have saved the file somewhere in a folder called Codes. That’s why it can’t find the file.


Ah, thank you. I read through the link and I finally got it to work, thanks so much!