Basic git-plus configuration for Atom on macOS


I would like to configure Atom to connect to my GitHub repositories. I have installed the git-plus package and went through the process of creating an SSH key on my Mac and adding my public key to my GitHub account. I am pretty new to this stuff so I am confused by what may simple issues for more experienced people. I’d appreciate some help!

Issue 1: Pointing git-plus to my local repositories

I have GitHub Desktop installed on my Mac and it is connected to my repositories online. git-plus has a setting for the “Git Path” but I’m really not sure where that is on my Mac. Is it the folder for my local repositories (that are synced through GitHub Desktop) or something else?

Issue 2: Editing gitconfig

The git-plus instructions include this:

Make sure your gitconfig file is configured. You must configure at least the and variables.

I don’t have a clue where to find my gitconfig file. Again, this is probably pretty obvious, just not to me. Please could someone point me to that?

Thank you!


Same here. Just installed Atom 'cause it has some typescript features, but all version control is poor and gives me no clue on where to set password and other configurations. Did you solved your problem?


For git-specific questions, like where to find gitconfig, I find this site to be the most helpful.


hello damnedSholar

i want to do the config on a

a. linux
b. windows

machine -


The syntax isn’t any different between Windows and Linux.