Basic file read


im a beginner with electron, have some experience with javascript, basic stuff with node

am trying to read a file to a variable, i can work it from there
tried many examples, didnt work,
intend to use renderer process/index.html, if i understand correctly
i tested mini-code-editor example, but there are too many files, i want the most basic stuff without any frameworks or jquery

if someone can post example of, index.html and other changes i need to make, it would be greatly appreciated

on many examples i read, examples werent working, i assume deprecated version, any suggestions for current working examples are also welcome

thank you


hi zpimp,

use fs. And always keep in mind, with electron you have basically all node functionalities.

const fs = require("fs");

// Asynchronous read
fs.readFile('input.txt', function (err, data) {
  if (err) {
    return console.error(err);
  console.log("Asynchronous read: " + data.toString());

// Synchronous read
var data = fs.readFileSync('input.txt');
console.log("Synchronous read: " + data.toString());
console.log("Program Ended");

additionally you may want to have a look on

hope it helps,


I’m new here,can you tell me what is electro?
The translator tells me it is the same meaning as electricity.
Thank you.


An electron is a negatively charged subatomic particle that can move between atoms, and their movement creates electrical force.

The Electron framework was developed to support the Atom editor and has since taken on a life of its own as the basis for many apps.


Oh, it is a javascript framework ,I see,thank you.
By the way, has your problem been solved and which country are you in ?
See you tomorrow,I’m off work now…


(This is not on-topic for this thread, so you should have created a new one to ask your question.)

Electron basically acts as a browser for web apps to run inside, with Node built in.


Moring,sorry for asking so many useless questions and interrupting,have a nice day.:slight_smile:


You haven’t interrupted anything. In the future, just create a new thread so that readers don’t get confused.


You are confused with my post or one of my words? Is there any misunderstanding ?


I’m not confused. But this discussion does not have anything to do with the original topic of this thread.


Indeed, at first I thought you were the owner of this topic, then I found wrong, ha ha, so embarrassed.

I found some in CSDN problem helpful advice, feeling learned a lot, and thank you very much, after all, this is my first time to chat with a foreigner on the discuss.:joy:


It works for me !!! Thank you, @ca333.