Bash alias to run electron on raspberry pi


Hi, I’m trying to write an alias in my .bashrc file to run electron on a raspberry pi 3 via terminal and it is not working.

This is what I have in .bashrc file:

alias mea='/home/pi/Documents/myElectronApp electron .'

it gives me an error:

/home/pi/Documents/myElectronApp: Is a directory

I also tried:

alias mea='${/home/pi/Documents/myElectronApp} ${electron} ${.}'

and I get:

-bash: ${/home/pi/Documents/myElectronApp}: bad substitution

Anyone have any suggestions?


Is electron installed globally on your raspberry pi?

Could you try this:

alias mea=‘electron /home/pi/Documents/myElectronApp’


thanks that worked, crilleengvall