Bad abbreviation in Emmet package confusingly opens up webkit inspector


When using the Emmet package, I entered a bad abbreviation. When expanding the abbreviation, the webkit element inspector spawned. It took a few tries before I realized it was trying to show the console log with the appropriate error message.

Atom should probably open the webkit inspector to the console tab and not the element inspector tab when an error occurs in a package.

Version: 0.69.0, OSX Mavericks

It seems to reopen the last-used tab in the inspector when the error occurs, so if you close it with the console tab, and then force another error, it’ll show the console on the second time.

Steps to reproduce:
(assumes Emmet package is installed)

  1. Open up a new text buffer
  2. Switch the type to HTML
  3. Enter in an invalid abbreviation (eg: table>tr2_$#3>td2.a)
  4. Press cmd-shift-e to expand it