So, my computer crashed while working on a project in atom. Which made that file corrupted and unusable. I read that it’s common for atom to corrupt files after a crash happens and therefore have backups /restores in .atom/backup folder.
Problem is, I don’t have an .atom folder? In user/name/.atom. where it should be. Looked everywhere but no folders?
I use version 1.25.0 ia32.
Did the folder locations change? And is there another way to restore a corrupted file. I do backups myself, but not daily (which I should), and I don’t like to lose a couple of days work over a small windows crash…


What happens if you reveal hidden folders?

I read that it’s common for atom to corrupt files after a crash happens

I don’t know if anyone can authoritatively describe it as common. Many people have reported incidents on this forum, but it’s not a universal experience and a perception of it as frequent may be skewed by not hearing from all the people who have experienced multiple crashes with no ill effect on their files.


I have hidden folders on, but alas no .atom folder.
I do hover have a folder called Atom in C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming, however there is no backup or restore in that folder.

Also yeah, I should remember that there is far more reporting problems then there is people reporting non-problems. So I’m probably wrong about it being a common issue.


When you go to File -> Config... inside Atom, what file opens?


config.cson opens up in another tab.
Not much in the config file to be honest.


Where is that file stored? The path should appear if you hover over the tab. (And what does “not much” mean?)


Ah I see. That is why it was in a different spot. I was using it with renpy. Therefore it was in the renpy folder. Thank you Aerijo. However, sadly no backup in the folder so I think I’m out of luck. I guess the backup is not automatic?

And I mean not much like there is just some standard stuff like:
scrollPastEnd: true
showIndentGuide: true
showInvisibles: true
tabLength: 4

And other standard stuff. But not much else. Nothing about backups etc.


Visual novels? Do you mean you just happened to be editing a renpy project using Atom right now, or it had something to do with how you installed Atom?

If you aren’t seeing the welcome screen every time you open Atom, I guess it is reading from that config file. You could confirm this by closing Atom, changing something in that config file, and seeing if the change is applied when you open Atom again (e.g., remove "welcome" from *: core: disabledPackages).

Your whole setup seems weird though, because the default behaviour should be to make a folder called .atom in the home directory, and put everything Atom related there.

(I don’t know much about how / if Atom backs up files though. So I’m not saying that would have broken it)


Correct it’s a visual novel engine.
Atom got installed with the engine package so it could have something to do with that.
Also, I had welcome scene on ‘False’ and after changing it to ‘True’ the change worked.
Everything have worked perfectly fine up until now. I really enjoy using atom.

Only thing that is ‘missing’ is the backup system.


Well, happened to me today. Atom crashed, destroyed a whole file, corrupted to just random data. Of course, the file was versioned, but still, I wasn’t even using the file.

Well, 2 hours lost. Let’s try again. Time to commit more ofter :frowning: