Backspace not working in TextEditorView


I have the exactly opposite problem of the one described here: 1, 2

I’m currently creating a package and I want to add a mini editor to a bottom panel.
I tried using (JS):

this.subview('myeditor', new TextEditorView({

The editor appears in my panel but I can’t use the backspace key to remove text from editor. If I add a native input using this.input(…) the backspace key works fine, but the native input is less integrated with Atom.
I’m using Atom 1.0.0.
What’s wrong ?



If you notice in @postcasio’s example, there is still the tabIndex: -1 in the parent element. This is often an important piece in getting the standard keys to work, in my experience.


@leedohm thanks for your answer but it still doesn’t work with tabIndex: -1.


I finally found the solution. For those having the same problem, remove the class ‘native-key-bindings’ from all parents in hierarchy (in my case it was the parent of the parent).