Background transparency


Really need this one +1


I would also like to see this feature implemented.


+1 great idea, it would give even more wow factor



definitely need this for Yosemite compatibility


+1 will be sometimes very useful


And it looks so cool! :smiley:


+1 Love watching sports games behind my terminal, Atom would be cool too


According to this official blog post transparency is now supported in atom-shell.

… should only be a matter of time now?


I sure hope this is coming. This is literally the only thing missing.


How did you do this?


:-1: Wouldn’t your docs mostly be covered by text in your text editor? With a lightning-fast Cmd/Alt+Tab you can view your docs in its entirety, and switch back.


I wrote an AutoHotKey script to change the transparency level of the window. It only works as one global level of transparency, and/or you can set one exact color to be transparent. And it only works on Windows.


If you use Linux:
Go to CompizConfig Settings Manager
and adjust the “Opacity Brightness and Saturation” option.


Unless you use Gnome, I believe only Cinnamon, MATE and Unity still use compiz because it’s slow.


Ubuntu != Linux :smile:

Besides, as a Compiz user: making the whole thing translucent is good but not really the same as a translucent background. I’d prefer if the text, selection, tabs, status bar, and window decoration were opaque.

And btw: +1


I still haven’t found a stable package with this feature


Since there is transparency support for Electron and the atom shell it’s only a matter of time until we have transparency for the editor right? This would cement my farewell to Sublime.


Perhaps, but if you take a look at the issues people have had with transparency and subpixel antialiasing, it might not be a benefit.


Hmm, what if the NSWindow background view (thanks treece) was set to transparent and then atom’s ui styled an override on top of that? Or would that still wind up generating the same sorts of problems?

I know this is quite the simplistic solution and I suspect if it was that easy it would already be done, but transparency would rocket Atom cleanly to the very top of text editors in whatever make-believe ranking exists.