Background transparency


Hi, just a proposal, was thinking this would be a really cool feature…

Transparent Editor Background
How to change the background?

Where and why would this be useful? Examples?


Ideally for small screens, e.g. laptops to allow you to reference library api whilst working, practicing code examples, monitoring Logs…


I use that for the same thing and for the same reasons.


Agreed – would love to have this feature.


I missed this feature in ST 2, something TextMate did very well.

Working on a laptop and being able to see code changes affect the browser on save without having to switch apps is a big deal.


This would be a great feature and it’s something I’d love. TextMate was great having a transparent edit window so I could keep an eye on stuff running behind the editor, such as logs, long executions, updating webpages etc etc. It’s something I really miss in Sublime, so it’d be a killer feature in Atom!


I would love to be able to create transparent themes/ui’s. I just now tried to create a transparent ui with no luck :frowning: The NSWindow background view seems to be set to solid white. Thanks.


As said above it’s very convenient for UI developers when working on a laptop to see the changes in browser as you edit your code. One of the big reasons I’m not using Sublime Text.


I would love this personally


I have my terminal at 70% opacity just to be able to see the docs on the browser at the same time, +1 to this feature :smile:


+1 for this feature.


+1 for transparency. This is also useful when doing a coding demo. Switching between the browser and code is less jarring when the browser is still slightly visible underneath the editor. It’s helps people follow the presentation more easily. Transparency was the first feature I looked for in Atom.


+1. I also found myself wanting this just now, though my use case was less clearly productive: wanting to futz around in editor (or maybe take notes) while watching a video of a conference talk behind it … also on small-ish screen laptop


To see some text behind the editor, it is a useful feature!


I never switched to Sublime for the same reason. One huge use case for me is to be able to see if Grunt throws any errors in my terminal window as it compiles my stuff. (Plus it is prettier that way I think.)


I was just creating a post about this when this post was suggested. I use transparency all the time and would love to see that in Atom.


I use this feature all the time to keep an eye on message logs from the application in the background while I edit/build on the foreground window.


+1 Would love a little transparency, coding w/ a faint/blurred video in the bg is highly underrated :wink: (works great w/ iTerm2)


That is exactly what I am looking for