Backend Choice for large data offline app


Hi. I’ve been assigned a project that requires an offline app for dealing with uploading large datasets that were already created. To be more accurate there would be an average of 1-2 million experiment trials(small js objects). I was asked to save everything locally offline and that it would be easy to distribute.I have been experiementing with a few js backends like lokiJS, forerunnerDB, and pouchdb but they all freeze the app if I do an upload past 100k objects. Right now I am using LinvoDB as a backend for the app but when I do searches with trials they are pretty slow (querying all of the trials would take 20-30mins).

Is there any tools or specfic backend I should use for these kind of apps with electron or any advice to handle this kind of data with any of the backends I have previously used? I am considering SQLite or sql.js


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