Babel JS package not "Sticking" to JS files


I’m working on a theme with support for a lot of the newer scopes in JS files that the default JS package do not have, such as

.variable.other.object.js {
   color: @teal;
 } {
    color: @gold;

The docs for the package say that .js files will use the newer language module, but I’ve found that it I don’t manually switch from js to Babel js at the bottom right of the UI the new colors do not show.

Is there an “always open x with” like in Sublime?

Or, any chance to add the newer scopes to the default js file? Just for hooks to syntax coloring?


Lots of people have been adding support for ES6 stuff to the standard language-javascript package. I feel like it would be better to improve the experience for everyone.

With regard to opening a file type with a specific language setting, no, there isn’t support for that right now. But there is an issue open on it and there is the file-types package.


So, would it be better to stick with the vanilla JS language and wait for it to “fill in”.


That’s a decision that you’ll have to make for yourself. Personally, if I used JS and felt the language package was lacking, I’d submit fixes for it myself.