AWS support for electron


Hey, can i use aws services on electron


Yes, in the same manner as any web app. However, you must be careful in how you do it. Don’t include any sensitive keys in your application code because the ASAR archive is not secure (and any application where the user downloads all the code can be reverse-engineered by someone clever and persistent enough).

If you use a service that requires a key (I don’t have a universal knowledge of the auth requirements for every one of the services), have an EC2 or Lightsail instance available to mediate between the end user and the keyed service. Your app can communicate via GET and POST requests. That way, if the user does crack your app, the only info they can get from or send to your server is what they already have access to via the app.

Also, if you’re using a service that charges you for traffic (I think they all do), then make sure to have a function to check for a single user sending way more requests than normal and bottleneck it. You don’t want to let someone make you pay out the nose by writing a script that sends endless requests.