Avatars broken?


It appears that avatars are broken? The other Discourse board I use daily doesn’t have this problem … so I assume it is something unique to Discuss? Can someone fix it?

@ProbablyCorey @codinghorror

Avatars broken (again)

Noticed that too… wasn’t sure if it was just me :wink:


Additionally, when I went to post something, I got a warning message that my avatar isn’t unique enough :laughing:

This seems like a bug @codinghorror , though quite a minor one.


I think you got caught up in a blip during the latest update which takes out Gravatar in favor of locally generated avatars. Not sure why the account picture warning would occur, @sam have we verified that this check still works as designed under the new avatar regime?


Can we confirm this is no longer an issue?


Yes, avatars are working and have been for maybe 24 hours now.

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