Autostart packages


Hi! How i can automatically start some packages, when open atom?
For example, i want when i open editor ‘filetype-color’ already works, without toggle…
I hope to help.

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If you remove all activation events from package.json then it will start when Atom does. Be careful however, if all packages were like this, Atom’s startup time would become atrocious. Be certain that you only load exactly what you need upon package activation.

Definitely keep an eye on things with the Timecop package.



Thank you very much, I deleted it, but it still does not start immediately…
I hope I’m at least looking in the right place?



That’s the correct file to remove the directive from, yes. How do you know it isn’t starting immediately? Did you try the things from this topic?



atom.packages.loadedPackages show filetype-color package loaded, yes. But as before i must enable filetype-color from menu. It is not activated immediately.
Maybe… where can do something like this:
atom-run: filetype-color:toggle ?)
I am try add to .atom/config.cson
‘filetype-color’: ‘toggle’, but… i dont know what i do)



Yeah, it looks like you’re just making changes to your .atom directory by hand? Have you restarted Atom at all? Here’s generally how I start developing a new package:

  1. Generate the new package using the Package Generator: Generate Package command from the Command Palette. This creates a new package for me in ~/Source/[new-package-name]. (It puts it there because I have the ATOM_REPOS_HOME environment variable set to ~/Source, where I keep all my projects.)
  2. Exit Atom
  3. I go to ~/Source/[new-package-name] and execute apm link --dev. This creates a symlink to ~/.atom/dev/packages so that the package under development is only loaded when I run in Developer Mode. (I like my editor to be stable when I’m not fiddling with things.)
  4. Launch Atom in Developer Mode by typing atom --dev.

You shouldn’t have to touch anything in ~/.atom (other than the creation of the symlink, which apm does for you) in order to get things to work.



Just because I stumbled upon this and searched for a while:

removing event listeners and for example toggle a panel in the main file works fine (as described above)