Autosave unnamed/temp buffers

I’m new to Atom, and I’ve searched for this topic but haven’t seen a definitive answer. Sorry if this is an answered question.

Notepad++ has a feature where unnamed/temp/scratchpad buffers are saved at exit, and will be reopened at the next use.

Does this feature exist in Atom?

By the way, I probably shouldn’t have said “saved at exit” but “retained at exit”. The files and buffers are not saved, just their state is retained.

All unsaved files open in Atom will be reopened the next time you open Atom with the same set of project folders (the top-level folders in the tree view on the left).

Currently, I get a warning saying unsaved files will be lost. I assume I’m just not setting a config parameter correctly.

In my experience on Windows, that only happens if you don’t have a project folder open.

If you save a file, that file’s folder will be automatically added as the project folder. If you open a folder in Atom through the context menu or command line, that folder will be added. If you open a file through File -> Open, that file’s folder will be added. If you have done none of these things, then Atom doesn’t have a place in memory to store your unsaved file because the project folder is how it sorts the unsaved files it has stored.

Thank you, that’s it.