Autosave Mode on Mac



I have noticed that I have lost some little work I made on Atom the other day because I closed the window without saving changes on active files.

Note: I am using Atom on a Mac


Is there any way to save changes automatically on Atom editor?
Why didn’t Atom ask me if I want to save changes before close the window?

I have tried some methods to solve those questions but unsuccessfully… :frowning:

Thanks everyone! I would be thankful for any answer! :slightly_smiling:

  1. Atom serializes the state of the entire editor every time Atom is closed, including unsaved changes to files
  2. It serializes the state based on the project you’re working on
  3. It doesn’t ask to save files on exit because it stores the changes for you
  4. You can get back the unsaved changes by:
    1. Opening the same project again
  5. If you have not opened another project in the meantime, you can get back the unsaved changes by:
    1. Executing atom from the command line with no parameters
    2. Clicking the icon in the Dock


Is there a setting that will allow prompting on exit?


No, there’s no setting for that behavior with windows that have projects open.


I have a case of un-notified loss of changes. The scenario is simple.

  1. Draft necessary changes on a file in Atom
  2. Exit Atom
  3. Edit or alter the file outside atom
  4. Reopen Atom
  5. Pending changes from prior Atom session are lost

Now this can be resolved by setting auto-save. However, this is also something where Atom does something with pending edits without explicit user notification or confirmation.

The visual cue that a file pending edits is really not enough for me to deploy to students, especially those who haven’t seen a text editor before the start of the semester.

In short - before Atom serializes pending changes to a file on application exit (or project/file close), it should ask the user what to do.