Autosave for clean crash recovery


I was just trying Atom to move from SublimeText, but found inmediatly what I think is a deal breaker: Try it, create on both a new text and wait some seconds… then $ killall sublime_text and $ killall atom. Open Submlime and you will found your work. Atom doesn’t autosave files, at least no unsaved files.


If you turn on the autosave package, Atom has this feature already.


I notice that even I had it enabled (ll) I should check also “Enable” below on Settings section of this package.
But also with this:

  • unsaved files are not recovered.
  • File is saved, OK, but session (opened files, order of tabs and so on) are not recovered.


If you would like unsaved files to be recovered, save-session is what you want.


I don’t know how it was supposed to work, but I tested like this:

open atom, open file window, write some code, open another window, write some othe code there, open new project, open file from the project

killall Atom.

I supposed all of the windows must be restored with the content as I live it. But only file from the save project is restored. Everything else is gone.

How can this be fixed?


By design, Atom only restores the most recent window you were working with. All window states remain in Atom’s memory, so if you open a previous project folder, you will find your previous tabs and unsaved files just like you left them.


The problem here is to remember what folder was used to open atom.

I found an issue where the problem discussed, but as I understand no code was written to fix it. :frowning:


It seems the code has been written, it just needs to go through the release cycle before it gets pushed out into the world.