Autosave changes in files (like "Live connect" in brackets)


Hiya, I am some kind of a newbie in coding and cant understand if there is such a plug-in in Atom or not. In brackets editor there is such thing like “Live connect”, when you edit your html/css files they auto update in browser. At the moment i have to ctrl+s all the files and then refresh the page the browser page to see the changes. Any help ?


This is essentially a duplicate of this previous topic:

I’ve also created this FAQ:


So ? Maybe you did not understand me, but i was asking if there is a plug-in/method to update the files automatically, without using save buttons. Html-preview is a built-in thing in Atom (I mean, it just opens a new tab in Atom) and I want to check out my html/css changes in browser. Livereload requires saving the file. So this is not a “duplicate of this previous topic”.


He did understand you. His first reference had the subject “Live preview without saving the files?”.


The original topic also mentions Brackets, which led me to believe that this topic and the previous were talking about the same feature. Just because the answers aren’t what you’re looking for doesn’t mean you’re not both asking the same question.