Automatically hard wrap lines


I did a quick search on the forum on line wrap, and all of which are about “soft wrap”.

However, one feature I like and setup in vim when dealing with markdown or text etc. is hard wrap. More specifically, automatically hard wrapping lines at 80 characters. If later edit changes the particular line, the paragraph can be reformatted with a keybinding say ESC-q.

Is this something possible in Atom, if not, is there enough interest for this to be on the roadmap? Thanks


I can't find a way to enable word-wrap

There is a default package called autoflow that offers this, but it is only manually triggered. One of the projects that I want to (someday :blush:) make time for is to give it an option to be triggered on certain text changed events (like inserting a space). I also would love to make it work like I’ve heard Emacs autoflow can where it would only autoflow comments in code files.

But that’s after my ten other projects …


Here is a great new project to do hard wraps at a particular line length. It doesn’t “automatically” hard-wrap though, you have to initiate it with a keybinding.


This is must-have feature. I don’t know why this is not supported.

Okay. imagine that you are typing a long sentence. And then you realized that you mistyped one word in the sentence. We need to move your cursor in the middle of long multiple lines. If hard wrap is not working, you need to move your cursor by words from wherever your cursor is on in the sentence. This is annoying.


leedohm this is probably the greatest gif I’ve seen on a forum


Would love a package that does this automatically, as I often use Atom for actual writing. I’ve mad other packages to help make Atom more of a text editor (center, left, right align, and justify options), but I’ve not tried to make a package hard wrap text in real-time, using the preferred line length setting.


There’s this, but I don’t know how efficient / clean it is or if it will be actively maintained in the future.


Seems that Wraptor still isn’t quite up to par with what I would like, going to make a new post to gather some information from those more capable that I.