Automatic sync in the office


I have converted everybody in the office into using Atom and the problem is that my colleagues can see the new changes while in the file but I don’t and I’m rewriting their code. We have the same packages and I dont know what the problem is. At first i thought that it was because I was on Ubuntu and they are on win10 but now I’m with win10 and still don’t see what is the problem.


P.S.: We are using the files on a mapped server.


Please clarify the situation a little bit. With how you’ve described it, it sounds like you’re editing the files on the remote server and you can’t see changes that you make while you’re typing.

I don’t have expertise with your situation, but there have been issues with people editing files on mapped servers in the past (I’m sure you could find some threads on this forum). If you’re invested in having live collaboration, perhaps the atom-pair package could be useful.