Automatic Spacing after hitting 'Enter' on brackets/tags


I really liked this feature in Sublime Text where when I’m inside a bracket and I hit ‘Enter’, it puts my cursor on a newline with the closing bracket at the bottom.

This is what I mean:

function hello(){*cursor*}

Right now, Atom does this when I hit Enter:

function hello(){ 

But I want it to end like this:

function hello(){

Is this a snippet config? Does anyone know how to change this?


It is fixed in 0.68.0, changelog here


Weird, mine is on 0.71.0 and it still isn’t indenting properly. Do I have to fix a config somewhere?


Same, on 71.0 and still seeing the “old” way


I know this is an old conversation, but hitting COMMAND + RETURN makes this work as you wish in 0.153