Automatic Atom Update


Got one of the package I relied most to run code to break with version 1.2. It works on version 1.1.

However, I cannot keep version 1.1 while in the Internet. Automatic updates should be optional, so I can keep in a previous version till errors got fixed by package developer.

I need it to work, and now I have to change my workflow because Atom updates itself even if I want to keep in 1.1 till 1.2 is workable for me.

Any option to avoid automatic update? Could this be controlled, event if automatic is set for default?


I have heard that if you build from source it doesn’t update. It would be hard to develop if the code you were working on changed out from under you.


Thank you! You saved my life.
Nevertheless, here I left the suggestion of optional updates for compatibility purposes.


I totally agree they should be optional.


The .zip package also have auto update disabled, might be easier than building from source.


Yes, was what I used. Building from source was building me the last 1.4 version. But I am not no git expert to know how to revert back the files on the folder to a certain tag.

git checkout [tag name]

For example:

git checkout v1.2.0


How would you build it? Doing that, I got again 1.4 version. Used this code in clone repo:

script/build --install-dir /Applications/Development/


To build Atom v1.1.0 from source on OSX, run the following steps in your terminal. You can change the 1.1.0 to any other version you want to install. Make sure you have the required build tools installed.

git clone /path/to/atom
cd /path/to/atom
git checkout v1.1.0
script/build --install-dir /Applications/Development/


To build Atom, please follow the build instructions appropriate to your OS on the Atom repository: