Automated testing using Nightwatch.js. Args to pass to Atom app via chromedriver?


Hi there:

I am creating a new testing framework using Nightwatchjs to test out Atom and Atom plugins.
I have been trying to pass arguments to the binary, similar to as passed on the Spectron project, but I have been unsuccesful about it.
Specifically, I am passing an argument similar to “app=/pathtoplugin/main.js”, under the ChromeOptions for chromedriver.

From my nightwatch.json config file:

"desiredCapabilities": {
        "browserName": "chrome",
        "javascriptEnabled": true,
        "acceptSslCerts": true, 
        "chromeOptions": {
          "binary": "../../../Applications/",
          "args": ["app= pathtoplugin/main.js"]

I am able to bring up Atom, but it always opens the current directory from where I am running the testing framework.
I will want to point to the path of a specific project so that I can model my tests after them.